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IT Vision

Our vision & mission is to empower PAKISTAN through technology. I.T. when rightly employed leads to productivity improvements & prosperity at individual, organizational, societal, National and Global level.

APTECH has embarked on a business excellence initiative & is investing in developing competencies to deliver superior quality with total customer orientation.

Our Customer Policy is a simple one, Anticipate & exceed customer expectations through effective and timely delivery of industry relevant products and services.

Aptech Worldwide


Aptech commenced its education and training business in 1986 and has globally trained over 6.4 million students.

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Aptech has presence in more than 40+ emerging countries through its two main streams of businesses – Individual training and Enterprise Business. As a leader in career education, it has over 1305 centers of learning across the world.

Under Individual Training, Aptech offers career and professional training through its Aptech Computer Education brand.

Aptech Pakistan

Ambassador Conference 2016

APTECH came to Pakistan in 1998, when the concept of vocational education in I.T. was only up-to learning of MS Word and Spreadsheets. APTECH Computer Education gave exposure to Pakistani youth towards global learning in I.T. education. Within the short span of time it became the leading I.T. training provider of the country with its presence in all the major cities.

Since last decade, all of our franchise centers are providing Quality Education with international standards and an international certificate acceptable and transferable worldwide. During this tenure we have served the I.T. Market of Pakistan by producing thousands of quality professionals serving at key positions of several MNCs, Software Houses, Banks and other Public and Private sectors across Pakistan and abroad. Being the global organization, APTECH is maintaining global standards at every step right from the admission of a student to teaching and training, administration to accounts, examination to certification and marketing to student placement.


  • Aptech Pakistan won, "Brand of the Year 2013", in the category of Professional Computer Education, for the third consecutive year.
  • In 2012 Aptech Pakistan was awarded, "Brand of the Year 2012" award, in the category of Professional Computer Education.
  • Aptech Pakistan won, "Brand of the Year 2011" award, in the category of Professional Computer Education.
  • Aptech Pakistan won the award "Excellence in Marketing Innovation" at World Leadership Summit 2012 in Bangkok.
  • Aptech, won "Emerging Star of the World" at World Leadership Summit 2012 in Bangkok.

Our Achievements

Aptech brings to the table a wealth of over 25 years of experience in training. Solving business challenges in a competitive market is Aptech’s area of specialization. Aptech’s rapid growth has led the company to mark several milestones worldwide.

Among the top few are:
  • IT & Multimedia education
    pioneer. More than 2 decades of experience in training (since 1986). Trained over 6.4 million students.
  • Aptech Learning Services
    receives two ‘Apex 2010 - Awards for Excellence.
  • Aptech Vietnam
    declared No. 1 IT training provider in Vietnam for 7 consecutive years.
  • Among Brand Equity’s
    Top 50 Most Trusted Service Brands.
  • Among Forbes
    Global Best 300 Small Companies worldwide.

Our Global Achievements

  • 2016: Aptech Pakistan won, ‘Brand of the Year 2016’ award, in the category of Professional Computer Education.
  • 2015: Aptech Pakistan won, ‘Brand of the Year 2015’ award, in the category of Professional Computer Education.
  • 2014: Aptech Pakistan won, ‘Brand of the Year 2014’ award, in the category of Professional Computer Education.
  • 2013: Aptech Pakistan won, ‘Brand of the Year 2013’ award, in the category of Professional Computer Education.
  • 2012: Aptech Pakistan won, ‘Brand of the Year 2012’ award, in the category of Professional Computer Education.
  • 2012: Aptech Pakistan won the award for ‘Excellence in Marketing Innovation’ at world leadership Summit 2012 in Bangkok, Thailand.
  • 2011: Aptech Pakistan won, ‘Brand of the Year 2011’ award, in the category of Professional Computer Education.
  • 2010: Aptech Learning Services wins two ‘Apex Awards for Excellence’.
  • 2009: Aptech ranked among Global Top 20 IT Training Companies by TrainingIndustry.com.
  • 2009: Aptech Beida Jade Bird wins China’s ‘Top 10 Outstanding Franchise Brand’ Award, given by Ministry of Commerce, Government of China. Aptech the only education company to get this award.
  • 2009: Aptech Beida Jade Bird - China, rated the No. 1 IT training provider for 7 consecutive years since 2002.
  • 2009: Aptech Vietnam wins ICT Gold Medal For Highest Turnover (Category: Training) & Top ICT Training Cup from Ho Chi Minh Computer Association (HCA). Declared No. 1 IT Training company in Vietnam for 7 consecutive years (2003-2009).
  • 2009: Aptech Vietnam presented ‘The best ICT product’ award for training units voted by communities of Information Technology in the world through a survey conducted by PC World Vietnam & the International Data Group (IDG).
  • 2009: Aptech Vietnam wins Top ICT Vietnam 2009 Cup & ICT 2009 Gold medal for the 7th consecutive year. (Award conferred by: Ho Chi Minh City Computer Association).
  • 2009: Aptech Vietnam wins ‘The Most Favorite IT and Communications Product’ Award for training services. (Awards organized by: Computer World magazine & IDG).
  • 2008: Among ‘Top 20 Global Training Outsourcing Service Provider (OSP) Companies’ in 2006, 2007 & 2008 (Source: TrainingOutsourcing.com).
  • 2008: Among ‘Top Global Product Training Companies, 2008’ (Source: SalesTrainingIndustry.com).
  • 2008: Aptech declared No. 1 IT training company in Vietnam for 6 consecutive years from 2003 to 2008. Study initiated by: IDG and Ho Chi Minh Computer Association.
  • 2008: Aptech Vietnam wins ICT Gold Medal for Highest Turnover (Category: Training) & ‘Top ICT Training Cup’. Conferred by: Ho Chi Minh Computer Association.
  • 2007: Aptech Beida Jade Bird wins China’s ‘Top 10 Outstanding Franchise Brand Award’. Conferred by: Ministry of Commerce, Government of China. Aptech the only education company to win this Award.
  • 2007: Ranked No. 1 IT training company in China for 5 consecutive years from 2002 to 2007. Source: Ministry of Information Industry, PRC, China Center for Information Industry Development.
  • Lauded by Dataquest as ‘Global Guru’, thus carving a place among top global IT training providers.
  • First non-formal education provider in Turkey to receive Government recognition from the Ministry of Education for the flagship ACCP (Aptech Certified Computer Professional) program.
  • ‘Technology Pioneer Award’ conferred by World Economic Forum.
  • Among ‘Best 300 Small Companies Worldwide’. Source: Forbes Global.
  • Among ‘Five Local Heroes in the IT Training Industry in Asia Pacific’. Source: IDC Survey.
  • Aptech’s Diploma in Information Systems Management approved by Directorate of Training Institute Affairs, Ministry of Labour, Bahrain.
  • Aptech’s India Window Program delivers unique IT courses to foreign students. Participants from Korea, Japan, Maldives, Bangladesh, Kenya, El Salvador, Iran, Sri Lanka, Madagascar & Tanzania come to India for the India Window Program.
  • Aptech empaneled by Ministry of External Affairs, India, for prestigious ITEC/ SCAAP program for international students.
  • Aptech partners Human Resource Development Corporation (PSMB) of Human Resource Ministry, Malaysia, to build capability in software programming skills.
  • Aptech partners KZNonSOURCE (Government of KZN Province), South Africa, to conduct Customer Contact Centre Training.
  • Aptech partners Department of Vocational Training, Government of Thailand, to create IT curriculum in government colleges.
  • ACCP World Program certified by Fiji National Training Council, Fijian Affairs Board, and Ministry of Education, Fiji.

Building the Nation


Since its launch in Pakistan in year 2000, Aptech has grown to become the flagship vocational institute providing IT education; known for the excellence of its teaching methodology and providing hands-on skills to students who are pursuing career in Software Engineering and Network Technologies.

We have more than 60,000 students who have been trained at Aptech in Pakistan who are part of our global alumni community of over 8 million graduates. Our graduates are serving not only local IT industry but are placed to work as “Global Developer” in global community.

Aptech Vision
Aptech Vision

In Pakistan, where not enough resources of career counseling are available, choosing the right career path is the most arduous task that impedes any student in his chosen career. Our career counselors and faculty members guide the students in selection that entails maximum optimization of an individual's capabilities, intellect and innovativeness. If the student has logic building capabilities complimented with creativity; Software Engineering is the career and Aptech is the place where he/she should land in; where we offer a platform on which students can enhance their capabilities in an exciting and stimulating manner. Looking forward to the future, one thing is clear – skills will prevail. Knowledge of cutting edge technologies and relevant skill set will be a key resource and will be highly sought-after around the world.

The world economy is now being driven by Information Technology and every year there is significant growth in IT spending. According to a study quoted by IBM Pakistan, Pakistan could play host to an extreme growth spurt in the Information Technology industry in next 5-7 years and Pakistan may have up to One Million Jobs by 2020 as the exports are expected to grow up to $10 billion. This is possible when we have quality IT education spread over the country. As I firmly believe that, "the nations which produce, locally trained and skilled human resource in I.T. shall prevail".

"the nations which will produce, locally trained and skilled human resource in I.T. shall prevail".


Aptech Convocation

Pakistan with a rich human resource is already set to play its role and the IT industry has remain the one of the few industries with positive growth rate even in the worst economic situation. There are thousands of IT companies; including international companies are operating in Pakistan and Aptech is thriving to produce young professionals in the field of Software Engineering and Network Technologies, who may not only fill the huge gap but also lead the country on global forum and become part of our motto “Building the Nation”. Qualified and determined faculty and the management; hand-in-hand facilitate the process of learning through hands-on experience. We are proud that Aptech is providing high pedigree vocational training in I.T. There is no institute other than Aptech that offers a complete program to impart hands-on training; after which a student becomes ready for the job as a software developer/engineer. Owing to 1068 number of hands-on supervised training hours, we claim and our students have proved that, they graduate with a three years of proven hands-on experience of working in various technologies and platforms. That is the reason that our graduates are first choice of IT industry.

As a pioneer IT institute, emphasizes has always been on quality and continuity of education of our students and the same should be the key factors that parents and students should first evaluate in these institutes before getting admissions. At Aptech, we have an international QA policy which is ensured across the world and there are teaching standards and methodology to impart quality education.

I welcome you at Aptech and look forward to see you learning and grooming to become more confident and smarter, ready to take on the challenges of the world to serve the country and the world.


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