ACCP Enterprise Edition

Aptech Certified Computer Professional

ACCP (Aptech Certified Computer Professional) is a complete career-oriented program to prepare students for today’s I.T. Industry. The course gives a strong foundation to students on various concepts related to software development and global technology insights.

Recognizing the wide range of technologies, students get trained with Latest and in-demand Technologies. The course also helps students to develop interpersonal, communication, team building, and leadership skills. The students get hands-on training as they create projects based on the course they learn on.

Your Launch Pad to The World of Opportunities

Sem. 1 (CPISM)

Website Designer
HTML5 Programmer
C Programmer
Database Developer

Sem. 2 (DISM)

Desktop Application Developer

Sem. 3 (HDSE I)

Microsoft App Store Developer
Windows Phone Developer
Enterprise .NET Web Application Developer

Sem. 4 (HDSE II)

Open Source Web Developer
Enterprise PHP Application Developer

Sem. 5 (ADSE I)

Software Engineer
QA Engineer

Sem. 6 (ADSE II)

Android Developer
iOS Developer

Certificate of Proficiency in Information Systems Management (CPISM)

A solid foundation to start your career in Information Technology, This semester will not only prepare you for your future studies at APTECH but will also provide the know how to better understand and use existing Computer Based Systems deployed in all modern day offices.

Students will learn the following modules in this semester:

Office Automation
Programing Principles and Techniques
Logic Building and Elementary Programming
Building Next Generation Websites
UI/UX for Responsive Design
Data Management(SQL Server)
eProject-Website Development(HTML 5)

Workshops Job Profile
Photoshop Website Designer
WordPress HTML5 Programer
Joomla C Programmer
Database Developer
Learning Objectives
  • Gain essential skills for producing professional work with the Microsoft Office suite including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook.
  • Learn generic programming principles
  • Use programming constructs to write programs in C
  • Use HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript to develop interactive Websites and apps
  • Create user-friendly and responsive using UI/UX design principles
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 Professional Edition
  • Normalize raw data into well-organized database tables in SQL Server
  • Develop an interactive Website using HTML5
Diploma in Information Systems Management (DISM)

Semester II builds on the knowledge of CPISM (Semester I) and focuses on designing full-fledged desktop applications using JAVA, while introducing the student to another object-oriented language C#. This semester also prepares the student for the Exam 70-536: Microsoft .NET Framework - Application Development Foundation. The curriculum contents are specially designed for those who are keen on getting themselves a career in the field of application development.

Students will learn the following modules in this semester:

Markup Language & JSON
Object Oriented Programing Concepts
Fundamentals of Java
Application Programming (C#)
Windows Forms Programing
Introduction to Cloud Computing
Project (.NET-Windows Forms)

Workshops Job Profile
Concepts of Test Driven Applications Desktop Application Developer
Learning Objectives
  • Use XML and JSON to store and exchange data
  • Develop object-oriented programming skills using OOP principles and concepts
  • Design and develop desktop applications using Java
  • Develop basic and advanced object-oriented applications using C#
  • Learn database programming in Windows and includes extensive coverage of powerful .NET Windows Forms features, such as modern controls, data binding, and Click once deployment for creating smart client applications.

  • Move your applications stored on a computer to a remote location and make them accessible online through a standard browse
  • Develop a real-world application using .NET technologies
Higher Diploma in Software Engineering (HDSE I)

Adding to Desktop Application Development in .NET. This semester builds on your existing skill set and adds ASP.NET, MVC, AJAX, ADO.NET, Windows Phone Apps & much more.

Students will learn the following modules in this semester:

Windows Store Apps Development - I
Windows Store Apps Development - II
Web Application Development(ASP.NET MVC)
Enterprise Application Programing in .NET
Rich Internet Application Development
Developing Mobile Application(Windows Phone)
Project (.NET)

Workshops Job Profile
WebForms Microsoft App Store Developer
Version Control Windows Phone Developer
Enterprise .NET Web Application Developer
Learning Objectives
  • Design and develop Windows Store apps that access local and remote data and services, including Windows Azure
  • Design and develop Windows Store apps, as well as implement advanced features, such as using location information, streaming media to external devices, and integrating with online services

  • Develop advanced ASP.NET MVC applications using .NET Framework tools and technologies
  • Design and develop services that access local and remote data from various data sources develop and deploy services to hybrid environments, including on-premises servers and Windows Azure

  • Build modern, responsive Web applications on the Windows platform using ASP.NET and AJAX
  • Build Professional apps using Windows Phone
  • Develop a real-world application using .NET technologies
Higher Diploma in Software Engineering (HDSE II)

Adding to the Open Source experience using PHP & Linux, Cloud Computing is the ultimate millstone for those, wanting to build a stable career in Enterprise Application Development. Here the aim is to introduce students to various Open Source Technologies. The curriculum covers the Open Source Technologies for almost all the areas such as operating system, web server, web programming and database management.

Students will learn the following modules in this semester:

Fundamentals of Linux Operating System
Working with Open Source Web Server
Querying with MySQL
Web Application Development using PHP
Optimize Web for Search Engines

Workshops Job Profile
Codeigniter & Laravel Open Source Web Developer
Node.JS Enterprise PHP Application Developer
Angular.JS SEO
Learning Objectives
  • Learn to use Red Hat Linux operating system
  • Host web applications on Apache Web server
  • Create and manipulate databases using MySQL
  • Design web applications using PHP on Linux
  • Learn how to optimize your website for search engine traffic
  • Develop a real-world application using Open Source technologies
Advance Diploma in Software Engineering (ADSE I)

Semester V equips the student with all the software engineering skills required to manage and execute software projects. The student thus gains an expertise of a software engineer.

Students will learn the following modules in this semester:

Agile System Development Life Cycle for Software Projects
Software Engineering Principles
Software Project Management
Software Quality Assurance, Verification, Validation and Testing
Securing Web Applications
Fundamentals of IoT

Workshops Job Profile
Automated Software Testing Software Engineer
QA Engineer
Learning Objectives
  • Implement software development process using Agile methodologies
  • Use software engineering principles to design software on time, within scope, and budget
  • Use MS Project to track software development
  • Assess, verify, and validate language, database, software architecture, and quality related issue
  • Design, build, and test secure Web applications
  • Understand the ‘ What, Why and How ’ of IoT
Advance Diploma in Software Engineering (ADSE II)

Step up and step into the GLOBAL MARKET PLACE of mobile app development. With the technologies offered in Semester 6 you can develop applications for two of the most popular Mobile Platforms of Android and IOS devices.

Students will learn the following modules in this semester:

Developing Mobile Applications using Android
Testing Android Applications
Xcode Application Development
Programming in Swift
Project (Android & iOS)

Workshops Job Profiles
Xamarin Android Developer
ICONIC iOS Developer
Learning Objectives
  • Develop Android applications that run on mobile and wireless devices
  • Test and publish Android applications on mobile and wireless devices
  • Develop Xcode apps using the Xcode development environment
  • Design and develop iOS applications that run on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch programming using Swift language
  • Develop a real-world mobile app using Android apply your skills to create a fully-functioning iOS App


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