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ACCP PRIME (Aptech Certified Computer Professional PRIME)

ACCP (Aptech Certified Computer Professional) is a complete career-oriented program to prepare students for todays I.T. Industry. The course gives a strong foundation to students on various concepts related to software development and global technology insights.Recognizing the wide range of technologies, students get trained with Latest and in-demand Technologies.

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Smart IT Professional

I.T is one of the fastest growig industries in the world. This makes I.T a promising career option for students in Pakistan. With the Aptech Smart Professional Program, Student can skill up in a technology of their choise in a short period of time and secure a job in this booming industry. I.T professionals can also use this program to enhance their skills and grow their career.

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ACNS (Aptech Certified Network Specialist)

With the ACNS Career Program (Higher Diploma in Enterprise Systems Engineering) you can become a certified enterprise Network Professional in various in-demand technologies. The I.T Industry has a huge demand for certified and skilled Professionals who have a globally accepted certification. AHNA's ACNS leads to such global certification and help you become an in-demand Enterprise Network Professionals

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English Learning Academy

Aptech English Learning Academy trains its students at the beginner, pre and post intermediate levels. Students develop a flair for written and spoken English, with an improvement in pronunciation. This equips them with necessary communication skills, instilling in them the confidence to be an achiever in their chosen fields. view details


Knowledge of IT is essential in today's world. No matter which career you choose, you need a strong foundation in IT & computers. Explore this new and exciting world with Aptech! Aptech offers courses that help you take your first steps towards computer literacy and ensure that your fundamentals are strong. This will help you build a great career in any field of your choice!

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