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We have an active Placements Cell dedicated to fulfill market requirements with quality IT HR, we not only conduct placements activities in collaboration with industry leaders but are also involved in preparing our student to meet industry expectations.
During the course, APTECH organizes the following activities to groom students to become a market ready professional:

  • Technical Seminars,
    Monthly seminars on latest technologies from certified trainers.
  • Soft Skills Sessions,
    We continue to help our student improve their social skills with timely seminars on presentation delivery, CV writing, interview presentations etc.
  • Interview Sessions,
    Placements is an ongoing activity and so is our effort, we continue to hold sessions, in APTECH and on site for interviews, through this many of our student are doing internships & jobs with leading I.T. Solution Providers.
  • Semester Projects,
    Every student must submit an online project to be able to pass a semester, students going through this process learn a lot about how to handle real world specifications.

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