Online Payment Getway

PAYING your Fee challan with ease

Aptech Learning has set up a payment gateway to make it convenient for you to pay your fee challan. This service makes it easy for you to pay online any time of the day, any day of the week by choosing from a variety of options. You can choose the payment option of your liking and proceed to pay the fee in a safe and secure way.


Enrolment Number:



Step 1:

Student goes to Aptech website and generates unique ID against the bill.

Step 2:

Student copies the "Reference Number" for voucher

Step 3:

Student logs into Internet Banking and goes to 1Bill Payment option and enter "Reference Number" in "1BILL > Invoices" option to pay.

Step 4:

Selects the "Invoice Payment" section and enters "Reference Number".

Step 5:

System will generate the details on the screen. The details may include the biller name, type of bill, due submissions/deadlines, amount outstanding, and the customer basic info.

Step 6:

Upon selecting "submit/pay", the system will process the payment, acknowledge the receipt to the payer, and upon confirmation system may knock off the outstanding receivables from your account.