• On admission the student will be issued an Identity Card, the student would be required to carry it while within Center Premises and present it when required.
  • Students are required to observe decorum while attending the course.
  • All the rules pertaining to use of Lab & Center infrastructure should be observed.
  • The academic or course material provided by the center is for the exclusive use of the student only and the same should not be transferred, assigned or sold to any other person. Students violating this rule are liable for action under the copyright law or any other law presently enforced at that time.
  • Center management shall fix a schedule for lectures and arrange practical’s the way it considers best and would expect the students to adhere to this schedule. Management reserves the rights to reschedule, postponement of lectures or laboratory sessions as needed.
  • While the management shall endeavor to maintain a high standard of training it shall not be questioned with regard to the quality of teaching or training imparted
  • Center will not be responsible for the loss or damage of any personal student belongings in or outside the APTECH center.
  • Student should not be late by more than 15 minutes for the class.
  • If a student has to be absent for any reason, he has to take prior approval filling in the form that is available with the Student Relation Officer (SRO).
  • Students are expected to attend the lectures and practical sessions regularly.
  • A minimum 75% attendance is mandatory to appear for the final examinations.
  • Any student being absent for more than 21 days, without notice in writing, shall be deemed to have been dropped out and his/her name will be struck off the rolls.
  • Any student taking a break/leave can do so with prior permission of the center manager and will provide a commitment, in writing, as to when he/she would rejoin the course.
  • In no case shall the leave/break be for more than 2 months.
  • In any of the above cases the student will have to make up the portion covered during the leave period by self-study. An appointment with the faculty member can be made depending on the faculty availability.
  • Student would be given the opportunity to take missed practical sessions by booking extra time in the computer lab depending on its availability.
  • In case the student takes a break of more than 2 months, the student will have to take readmission by paying the readmission fee applicable at that time.
  • Students shall come to the computer laboratory at the time allotted/booked for them. Students are required to observe all rules and regulations in the Computer Lab.
  • Any student arriving more than 30 minutes late shall lose his/her entitlement to computer time.
  • The management may give extra time depending on lab availability on first come first served basis.
  • Student must avail the regular computer time allotted to them.
  • Extra time maybe granted to a student for reinforcement of course contents, provided he/she has fully availed the regular time allotted to him/her. But depending on the availability.
  • If a student is unable to avail the allotted computer time for a genuine reason, he/she should inform SRO by submitting an application at least one week in advance.
  • Students can upgrade their course to a one which is of a higher duration from a lower one.
  • Student can only upgrade if the faculty feel that the student will be able to cope up with the studies. Up-gradation is possible by filling in the prescribed form along with other formalities. Student will be required to pay the up gradation fee as specified by the management.
  • In order to avail the up-gradation scheme, the student must complete all formalities at least one month before the completion of the current course.
  • In no circumstances the student will be allowed to downgrade his/her course to that of a lower duration. (E.g. A student enrolled for HDSE cannot downgrade to DISM after enrollment.)
  • In case a student is unable to complete the course for which he/she was enrolled for, they will not be issued any certificate for a shorter duration.
  • Transfer from one time-slot or same course session to another may be permitted only twice during the period of the course of which the student has enrolled.
  • The student will have to submit a written application to the counselor.
  • The transfer is subject to availability of seats.
  • In case a student wishes to take a batch transfer he/she can do so by paying batch transfer fee as set by center management, which is implemented per transfer.
  • Course materials, already issued at the previous batch will not be issued afresh after the transfer.
  • Student must appear for all periodic tests and complete all assignments given to them for the purpose of internal assessment.
  • Students are required to secure a minimum of 40% in all internal exams and projects to qualify for appearance in Semester End Exam.
  • Evaluation of internal tests and projects by the faculty, shall be final and binding on the students. Any complaint in this regard will not be entertained.
  • Management retains the rights to debar any student from appearing for any examination at the center, if his/her attendance is below 75% or internal test, project performance is below 40%.
  • An examination is considered to be ample if it counts for 40 percent or more of the total marks, no resit is allowed in this case.
  • Center has the right to reschedule or cancel the exam in case of any technical or unforeseen issue.
  • When an exam has been scheduled, all students must attempt it and no exemptions may be allowed.
  • For good cause, a student can request to reschedule their exam date only, this is permissible in advance petitions only.
  • In case a course extending over two semesters, when the subject matter is continuous, the second-semester final examination may include the subject matter of the first semester.
  • Students are required to carry their Student ID Card, with them at all times, student might not be you will not be allowed into the exam room without it.
  • Do not bring any unauthorized material (e.g. written notes, paper, calculator or other items as announced on exam day) in the exam hall.
  • Students are expected to arrive at least 15 minutes before the exam is due to start.
  • In case students becomes Financial Dropout on the day of exam, their exam will be suspended for a minimum of 16 days.


  • Students are expected to (a) remain in the examination room until the test is completed; (b) refrain from talking; and (c) leave all notes and books where they are not accessible during the examination unless otherwise directed by the instructor.
  • An instructor/external invigilator who suspects academic dishonesty can remove the student from the exam.
  • Examinations will be conducted during the allocated times shown in the examination timetable.
  • Mobile phones brought into the examination hall must be switched off at ALL times. If your phone is found to be switched on in the examination hall, the phone will be confiscated and retained for investigations of possible violation of regulations.
  • Photography is NOT allowed in the examination hall at ALL times.
  • Please produce your Student Id Card for the marking of attendance and verification of identity during the examination.
  • Please check that your name is printed correctly on Hall Ticket and or on the Examination Screen.
  • Please raise your hand if you wish to communicate with an invigilator.
  • Unless granted permission by an invigilator, you are not allowed to leave your seat.
  • Once you have entered the examination hall, you will not be allowed to leave the hall until the exam has concluded.
  • If, for any reason, you are given permission to leave the hall temporarily, you must be accompanied by an invigilator throughout your absence from the examination hall. You are required to leave your Mobile Phone on your desk when you leave the hall temporarily.
  • You are to stay in the examination hall until the Invigilator has given the permission to leave. Do NOT talk until you are outside of the examination hall.
  • Remember! Cheating is not allowed and action will be taken.
  • Actions against cheating students includes cancellation of current exam, disciplinary action, monetary fine or all of the actions.
  • In case of academic dishonesty or cheating, the student will deem to have failed the said exam/project.


  • A student is allowed only 3 attempts to clear an exam.
  • Student needs a minimum of 40% marks to pass the exam.
  • If you have been scheduled for an exam but fail to appear on exam day, you shall be deemed to have sat for and failed.
  • There is no resit fee for 1st reattempt after failure in exam.
  • Being absent from exam will incur resit fee for 1st reattempt.
  • All subsequent attempts after first will incur resit fee.
  • When the 3rd attempt is used without success student will be issued Performance Statement with referred status.
  • Students with referred status in any one of their Semesters are not eligible for Certificate of the Course but can only be awarded semester Performance Statements for the semesters cleared.
  • Minimum time for the arrival of Performance Statement for any semester is 60 working days, in case of final Certificate it is 40 days after the issuance of last Performance Statement.
  • Center has the right to suspend exam if students fee is not up to date as per invoice.
  • Students should not assume that movement from one semester to the higher semester is automatic. This is subject to passing the previous semester examination.

Center Transfer is a possibility but is discouraged and is only allowed in genuine cases. It is highly recommended for students to complete their current semester (i.e. all exams, projects should be completed) before applying for transfer.
Depending upon the circumstances such as curriculum, fee plan, student academics & financial status, “Center Transfer Process” can take up to 20 days to complete.

  • Center Transfers can only be initiated from originating center (current center), students are required to first talk with their SRO or Academics Head about the transfer.
  • Short Term Course students are not eligible for transfer.
  • Student should not be in any abnormal status e.g. Academics or Financial Dropout, on Leave or Break, pending exam etc.
  • Student is not on leave or break
  • Student course is not completed
  • Student fee is not completed
  • If attendance is started for particular module, then it should be minimum 75%, student would have to attend and pay for the said module.
  • Student payment is done according to modules completed.
  • Every transfer is subject to approval from Head Office.
  • Transfer is dependent upon the availability of Batch, Curriculum, Course Enrolled in Destination Center.


  • Transfer fee is PKR. 10,000.
  • Same course should be available in Destination center then only transfer can be initiated.
  • Student is required to provide supporting evidence pertaining to transfer request.
  • Transfer is dependent upon agreement on “Portal Transfer Advice” by Student, Originating & Destination Centers.


  • 1. Discounts are not continued in the Destination centers, students with discounted fee plans may also have to pay the difference on the fee already paid.
  • 2. Student’s monthly fee may change depending upon the fee level at the Destination Center & Origin Center and is almost always the higher fee plan of the two.
  • 3. Student must collect any pending transcript/certificate for the course completed at Originating Center from Originating Center.
  • 4. If required, the student can be asked to wait until a suitable batch is available in the Destination Center.
  • 5. Double Transfer (Center Transfer for the 2nd time) can result in extra financial implications.


  • 1. A student is allowed only 3 attempts to clear an exam
  • 2. Each resit is monetary penalized and student is required to pay.
  • 3. When the 3rd attempt is used without success student will be issued Performance Statement with referred status.
  • 4. Students with referred status in any one of their Semester is not eligible for Certificate of Course but only semester Performance Statements for the semesters cleared.
  • 5. Center can apply monetary penalty in case no good reason is proved for absence from a scheduled exam.
  • 6. Minimum time for the arrival of Performance Statement for any semester is 60 working days, in case of final Certificate it is 40 days after the issuance of last Performance Statement.
  • 7. Center has the right to suspend exam if students fee is not up to date as per invoice.
  • Fee is due on the 1st of each month.
  • The Tuition Fee will be paid on monthly basis.
  • A late fee of 500 or more can be charged against payments beyond the date specified by the Center.
  • Any fee once paid is not refundable or transferable to another course or student.
  • Charges, fee & penalty may occur on violation of code of conduct and any other SOP as notified or implemented by the center.
  • Aptech reserves the right to change the fee and charges at any time.
  • Students who do not pay their fees regularly on time may be asked to leave the course by the management.
  • In case the student seeks readmission he/she has to pay the readmission fees.
  • Name changes can be processed for currently enrolled/active students only.
  • For minor name change e.g. obvious spelling issues, a student can provide CNIC, B-Form or Metric/Inter certificate.
  • For major name changer e.g. change of first or last name, a legal document appropriate to name change reason, would be required e.g. court order, marriage certificate etc.
  • A student can opt for name change or correction only once.
  • Official Performance Statement are provided to the students after 60 working days from the completion of Semester i.e. when all internal/external exams, project and related requirements are completed.
  • Official Certificates are provided to the students after 60 working days from the completion of all Semesters for the course.
  • Student can request to Franchise Support Office for the issuance of provisional Performance Statement or Letter, if they can present a genuine need for the same.
  • Center cannot issue provisional Certificate or Performance Statement, in any case what so ever.
  • Certificate is provided only when student has completed the course he has registered for.
  • In case of Theft or Loss of original PS/Cert
    • a.The student has to fill out an application for the purpose of re-issuance of PS/Cert and submit this application along with following documents:
      1. i. 100 Rupee Official Affidavit in a specified format and get it printed & attested/stamped.
      2. ii. A FIR from a police station, indicating the loss or theft of the document.
      3. iii. Scan of the PS/Cert in question and all other PS.
      4. iv. Student CNIC (copy).
      5. v. SSC Mark Sheet or Certificate (copy).
    • b. Prescribed Fee applies.
  • In case of incorrect name printed on PS
    • c.c. The student has to fill out an application for the purpose of Name Change on existing PS/Cert and submit that application along with the following documents:
      1. i. A 100 Rupee Official Affidavit in specified format and get it printed & attested/stamped.
      2. ii. Student CNIC (copy).
      3. iii. All existing PS/Certs. (Original documents).
      4. iv. Passport (copy).
      5. v. SSC Mark Sheet or Certificate (copy).
    • d. Prescribed Fee applies.


Aptech reserves the right to change, delete or add to its rules, regulations and/or schedules.

Students are liable to be dismissed or suspended at the discretion of the management if any of the terms of this Code of Conduct are violated, either in letter or spirit.